HS2 is HS-Poo

This is something we should all be saying. BUT, what is HS2? I didn’t know what it was a few months ago, so here’s a brief run-down of what HS2 is and why it is very, very bad. What’s a HS2? According to themselves, HS2 is “one of the most demanding and exciting transport projectsContinue reading “HS2 is HS-Poo”

Divide and Rule = Unite and Resist

Whilst spending time outside the 40A Autonomous Space in Bristol on May the 1st, sharing food, drink, good conversation, and creating art, I was handed a small booklet. ‘KILLING THE BILL – Vol. 1’ There is, understandably, no writer for me to credit, however I would like to share some of the ideas explained, andContinue reading “Divide and Rule = Unite and Resist”