Business As Usual

“lol imagine spending ur whole life exhausting urself in the rat race, only for an apocalypse to take it all away from you in a matter of minutes. nothing is real. the bums were right all along. u shoulda just spent all ur time doing hoodrat shit with ur friends” – Bobo Matjila The fragilityContinue reading “Business As Usual”


I had to sit in a meeting this morning and pretend to know what furlough is. Now I know a new word, and I’m also not going to work for the next 3 months. A few of us are staying behind to do emergency sight tests and stuff like that, but the rest of usContinue reading “Furlough”

A Love Letter to Berlin

Why is Berlin like it is? Why is there so much techno? Why is there a nightclub where you can have sex? And it’s not illegal. Why are people so unafraid to be themselves? And why are the streets so wide, and the ceilings so high? I don’t have all the answers, just the questionsContinue reading “A Love Letter to Berlin”