I had to sit in a meeting this morning and pretend to know what furlough is. Now I know a new word, and I’m also not going to work for the next 3 months.

A few of us are staying behind to do emergency sight tests and stuff like that, but the rest of us have been sent home to isolate for the foreseeable future.

It’s shocking how this has escalated so quickly. I have a draft for a blog from 2 weeks ago of some thoughts I was having about life in general, and I did a big bit about how everyone needs to chill out. Very offbeat right now. Very off beat. Continue to chill by all means, but instead try chilling in, chilling out is largely frowned upon right now.

Made this one myself

Speaking of frowning upon people for going outside – it’s not enough to just frown upon someone, people get frowned at all the time, lots of us are used to being frowned upon. As a Prime Minister *cough* Boris *cough* you should be telling people what to do, not strongly advising, because you get scenes like Snowdonia on the weekend. It’s being described as “the busiest weekend in living memory in the national park”. Half the nation was out of a job and it was a sunny day, what can you expect?

As the Prime Minister, you have access to the most up to date information out of anybody in the country, this is not the time for fannying about. I will say though, they’ve done a great job with this whole furlough thing, real nice. They just need to let businesses know how they’ll be calculating the 80%.

I imagine Boris will put us in lock-down tonight in his address. We’ll see after I eat…

Update: yeah he did. Pretty much.

So enjoy self isolating if you haven’t already started; read a book, learn to do a handstand, reach enlightenment, just keep yourself busy 🙂

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